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Since its founding, Hynes Lawn Care has been trusted for its neat and even lawn mowing. Cutting grass is our specialty and it's what's has made us so successful. We know that lawns grow at different rates at different points in the year, so we will only cut your grass when it needs to be done. We always avoid boxing our clients in with contracts. Take a look at one of our client's lawns on the left!


We have the attention to detail and skills necessary to tackle just about every shrub or tree job that comes our way. With Hynes Lawn Care, you'll be happy to see those overgrown bushes and trees tamed back down to the size you wish, or even removed upon your request. On the right is a before and after picture of a tree that we removed-including the couple hundred pound stump! 



Hynes Lawn Care is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to landscaping. We can take on mulching, planting, and much more that you may wish for. We understand that a creative landscaping job could be what sets your yard apart from your neighbor's; that's what we do. To the left is a before and after picture of a job that required us to rip out dead plants and shrubs, get rid of waste, cultivate the ground down to dirt, edge the bed, lay landscape paper over the area, and finally lay down some beautiful red mulch. A yard transformation like this gives your home a new feel!


Seasonal Clean-Ups are generally conducted in the spring and/or fall. This service may include leaf clean ups, cultivating mulch and/or soil, edging, and more. Clean-Ups are a general service that are usually low priced and highly effective in quickly straightening up your yard. The four pictures on the left are a great example of a seasonal clean-up. The top two pictures represent this bed before we edged, cultivated, removed, and disposed of the yard waste.

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